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Playing great sport is more than being talented. It’s about having the right attitude, the right equipment and the right playing surface. 

At Kiwi Courts, we take our netball, basketball and tennis courts seriously. We understand that having a high-quality sports surface assists with taking your game to the next level. It’s why we’re committed to supporting hard court reservicing projects for New Zealanders all over our sporty country. From residential courts to stadium installations, every court deserves the unparalleled attention to detail Kiwi Courts provides. 

We take hard court resurfacing to the next level, providing a product which sports players love. From amateurs to professional sports players, everyone deserves the quality of playing on a Hardcore sports surface from Kiwi Courts. 

Kiwi Courts are in based in Canterbury and operate all throughout New Zealand. From Northland to Southland we can have your court surfaced and assist with managing your project from a new build to the refurbishment of older existing courts. 

Big or small, Kiwi Courts are here to help. Call us today and let us bring you the court of your dreams: a Kiwi Courts court. ‚Äč

Using our Hardcore coating systems designed specifically for each type of hard surface sport, we will bring to your court a tailored surface with your game in mind. 

For ultimate tennis play Kiwi Courts can provide an ITF (International Tennis Federation) rated surface recognised as the official playing surface for the USTA.

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